Friday, 28 September 2012

Trend Alert: Modern Lines

Modern Lines

Not as over the top as most of the new trends this season, but just as sexy.
Below are a few ideas of how to wear the trend...

soft modern lines

This outfit is to show that the hard lines can be softened with colour.

modern lines

This is a more or a bold look, but still easy to style. The lines in the skirt helps to enhance your curves.

modern lines

This outfit is for the more curvier shaped bodies. Wearing your top tucked inside your skirt with a belt so it is clinched in the waist for sexy at the office.

Here are some finds from the high-street online...

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Marks & Spencer
Autograph Slash Neck Colour Block Dress

I'm loving this dress! The lines in the body give the illusion of a long slimline body and the colours are probably my fave this season and a great way of incorporating the military trend aswell.

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Miss Selfridge
Black & Blue Zip Back Dress
Was: £30
Now: £12


Adding a belt to clinch in the waist for an hourglass figure. This dress will look just as great with heels or flat.

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Miss Selfridge
Monochrome Faux Snake Hard Clutch
The chain on this bag is detachable.

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Striped Dress

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Knit Dress
this dress looks great with boots for a 60's look.

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Leather collar flecked coat.
The coat is probably the best buy of this trend. I know this coat is a bit pricey for the money concious... but i don't mind splashing the cash on a decent coat. I love the leather detail on this coat. Wear with skinnys and boots.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wallpaper Print

Trend Alert... Baroque

Trend Alert: Baroque

Examples on how to wear the trend...

It's Ladies Night

Go Bold wearing the baroque trend from head to toe, accessorise with black and gold.

Baroque Office Wear
Try swapping your suit jacket with a baroque print jacket with a plain pencil skirt or trousers if the skirt looks too daring.

Rocked Up Baroque

Adding leather effect trousers give instant rock glam to the baroque trend or team with a leather jacket.

Here are a few of my favourite high-street finds...

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Baroque & Floral Print Top
This is a really easy way of wearing the trend by adding a pair of leggings for a more casual look if your 100% on going all the way.

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Rare Fashion
Baroque Collar Dress
This style of dress you can dress it up or down with a knitted cardigan and a pair of flats for a cute and comfy laid-back look.

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Miss Selfridge
Baroque Printed Leggings
Wear with a plain t-shirt, add some hi-tops and a hooded jumper for a edgy street look.

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A Wear
Grey Jacquard Jersey Jacket
The nipped in waist is the silhouette of this season and this beauty works perfectly with a pencil skirt and heels as work wear or team with black skinny jeans, heels and jewels for an after dark look.

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Rare Fashion
Skater Baroque Dress
This dress looks great with platform heels and a cropped leather jacket for a edgy look.

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Miss Selfridge
Baroque Peplum Top
This top will look good with something slimline of your bottom half to add curves in all the right places.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Choosing Your Foundation

Choosing Your Foundation

How to Match Your Skin To Your Foundation:
Your foundation needs to be exactly the same colour as your skin colour. By painting a strip onto your jawline (never the hand), Go to the nearest source on natural ight with a mirror and look and see which is the most invisible on the skin and what has the best texture. You should never buy a foundation to make your skin look darker, a orange mask is never a good look.
Types of foundation:
Theres a foundation out there for everyone, when your young a really good foundation can give you confidence as it will help mask your skin problems you may have (redness, spots and oily foreheads) and as you grow older, the latest moisturising or anti-ageing will help you keep skin looking fresh.
There are many textures to choose from, including liquid, cream, cream-powder (apply as a cream and sets as a powder) and powder. Most foundations have sun-protectors in them, which prevents the skin from absorbing ultra-violet rays from the sun. So spf is great addition to your make-up.
Foundation for Dry Skin:
Avoid the oil-free foundations, you need to look for one that is a hydrating foundation thats oil-based. Not only do they help make the skin comfortable by helping to lock in the moisture, they also add radiance with a dewy glow. As we get older our tends to dry out, some oil-base foundations sit on the face like a mask and can look heavy. The latest foundations contain an anti-aging moisturisers, like a 2in1.
Foundation for Oily Skin:
If you have oily skin, opt for a oil-free based that offer lasting properties but aren't too heavy. If your T-zone tends to become oily, look for a foundation that says it mattifying (packed with powders that help absorb the oil). Mineral powder foundation is also a good choice aswell as works like the matte foundation.
Foundation for Combination Skin:
Combination skin foundations need to keep shininess at bay whilst not drying out dehydrated areas. These foundation have mix of best of both, the aspects of a powdery foundation and the lock-in moisture of the foundations created for older - dryer skin.
Foundation for Sensitive Skin:
If you suffer from sensitive skin prone to flare-ups, look for fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic foundations. Opt for a powder foundation as these can be the best option for reactive skin. Powder foundations doen't contain any water it doesn't need any preservatives, which are the often the culprits to irritated skin.
Mineral Foundation:
Most beauty brands offer mineral products now days, made from grounded up rock. This is the ideal choice for most women with sensitive skin as it contains no additives and as its a powder there is no synthetic preservatives needed. It is also non-comedognic meaning its won't clog your pores. Its good for older skin as it doesn't sit within fine lines.
Light-Reflecting Foundations:
These foundations contain three dimensional pigments, these bounce light about the face and keeps it looking radiant.

Eye Types

Eye Types

How to choose between cooler (blue-toned) and warmer shades?
All you need to do is to hold a colour up to your face in the mirror to determine if it boosts or busts. Depending on what you want to tone down, hide or unleash, play with harmony and discord between your eye colour and your lips and cheeks.
Blue Eyes:
A marvelous optical illusion (the low quantities of melanin within your iris, coupled with the action of chromosome 15, reflect the light much like a lake would) graces you with the most celebrated eye colours. Take advantage of it, but without overdoing it. For titillating pupils, avoid combining blue-toned shadows in favour of warmer tones like navy, smokey grey, chocolate, apricot or copper.
Green Eyes:
Chromosome 19 affords you this pretty and rare eye colour. From mauve to prune, all shades of red will add fire to your gaze: opposites attract as they say.
Grey Eyes:
A shade that can hide another and reflect your mood as well as the skys. Want them to appear blue? Grey or coppery red will do the trick. Feeling green? Dress in lavender or aqua marine.
Hazel Eyes:
Warm, sandy tones ranging from beige to brown and very dark eyelashes will complement these brilliant peppers, as will all prune, purple and green-bronze tones.
Black Eyes:
The rainbows spectrum offers itself to you, but beware of too light or pearly can unflatteringly discolour the whites of you eyes. Midnight blues, dark grey, brown or buff tones will accentuate the mystery of dark eyes.