Friday, 24 August 2012

Hair Trend: French Twist

French Twist
Seductive Hair...
The tousled curls are pulled back together in an effortless french twist. The Sophia Loren inspired look translates Glamourous. This look is a winner, especially when paired with the feminine silhouettes, a flick of eyeliner and a lustful pout.

To get this look:
  1. You need to get volume into your hair, massage a thickening lotion through your damp hair. The key is to maintain a natural movement, so avoid using a brush while your hair is wet. Allow your hair to dry naturally.
  2. If your hair still lacks the beach like texture, apply a texturizing cream to the roots, especially to the crown area by massaging it in.
  3. The hair should be completely dry by the next stage, dry hair is essential for creating this look, so dont proceed until it is dry.
  4. Back brush (not backcomb - very important to know the difference) the hair to add more texture and rough volume the roots of the hair. Start from the nape and work it upwards.
  5. Once your hair has the volume and texture, using your fingers only, comb the hair back, away from the face and pull the hair back into a french twist. Secure the twist with bobby pins (hair grips).
  6. Dont pull it back too tightly; make sure to keep the hair loose around the face. You need to maintain the naturalness of the look.
  7. Finish with some hairspray, if needed.

Monday, 13 August 2012

How To Buy A Bra...

In recent surveys they claim that almost 80% of us women are wearing the wrong size bra.
Breasts naturally change shape and size over the course of a womens lifetime, and they'll often change through the menstrual cycle. You may find that you may need a few different styles, or even sizes to help you feel more comfortable and supported.

Here are 3 key things to look out for when trying a bra:

1. The strap around your body needs to be firm but comfortable. Look in the mirror and check the straps are horizontal and isn't riding up your back. This is especially important for petite or slender ladies who might find it hard to buy a bra that fits their narrow chest measurement. Whatever your bodyshape, make sure you can fit more than two fingers between the bra clasp and your spine.

2. The wiring should lay snug against the rib cage. There should be no rubbing, digging in or buldges from underneath your breast bone.

3. Make sure your breasts are enclosed by the cups. You should have a smooth line where the fabric at the top of the cup meets your bust. Ladies with larger breasts should make sure there is no bulging. There is a subtle difference between cleveage and spillage.

Hope you found this information useful. I'll do a post soon about the styles of bras.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Brit Rocker

The Nail File: Quick Drying Nails

the nail file

Quick Drying Nails Tip

I don't know if this is a well known fact but I came across this tip on the internet and i thought it sounded really cool and would be really handy...

step1: Paint your nails however you want

step2: Fill the sink or a bowl with super cold water
(the colder the better)

step3: Dip your hands in
(right after you have painted them, while they are still wet)

step4: Voila!! Take your nails out and they should be dry


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Arty Prints

Arty Prints

Arty Patterns have been really big this summer and are set to be in autumn/winter too.

Here are some of my finds from the highstreet that i really like...

click on image for product info

Miss Selfridge Print Body
Was: £35
Now: £12
I love all in one cossies with the postcard prints.

click on image for product info

Miss Selfridge Digital Printed Vest
Was: £30
Now: £ 15
Colours in this top are really pretty and easy to wear with simple trousers.

click on image for product info

Miss Selfridge Owl Print T-shirt Dress
This is the new print to look out for. Next seasons prints are all about moody skies and autumn forests.

click on image for product info

Miss Selfridge Watersnake Tunic Dress
Was: £50
Now: £ 25
Best shoes to go for are futuristic shapes and modern metallics. Personally I wouldn't wear to many accessories. Maybe adding a skinny belt to help break the print and add a bit of definition.

click image for product info

Warehouse Scatter Butterfly Print Scarf

Accessories are great way to start off the trend in your wardrobe or introduce a scarf if you find these prints are too bold for you.

click image for product info

Warehouse Floral Shorts
Was: £30
Now: £20
Choosing shorts or a skirt with the print and wearing with a plain top is another good way of toning the trend down.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Nail File: Camo Nails

the nail file

I have attempted a camouflage effect on my nails.
Camouflage print is set to become a big trend, so I thought I would make a start to perfect it now. I think they turned out ok.

Colours I used:
. The base is models own in Utopia
. The khaki is models own in Grace Green
. The black is nails inc. in Black Taxi

1. Paint your base shade, I only did one coat.
2. Once the base is dry, randomly splodge the black and khaki spaced out across the nail.
3. When they have dried, repeat step 2 overlapping the colours.

Here are a few more close ups of them.

Hope You Like