Sunday, 9 December 2012

Wet Hair

wet hair

The Dos...

  • Keep your look in place with a silk headscarf or band. It goes with the beachy wet look and softens it up a bit too.
  • Add extra gloss with shine-boosting hairspray for hold.
  • Twist your wet hair into a bun for a super sleek wet look, added bonus with this look you will be left with bouncy dry look later on.
The Don'ts...

  • Pile too much product onto wet hair. It's less porous and can be easily weighed down.
  • Attempt the wet look on dirty hair, it'll look stringy rather than sexy.
  • Use a brush on wet hair - it create frizz and you lose the definition of comb marks.

You know it's a winner when this many
 A-listers love it too!

Jenifer Lopez

Charlize Theron

Kim Kardashian

Emma Watson

Penelope Cruz

Megan Fox

Heidi Klum

Jessie J
Some Extra Tips...

  • If your hair dries frizzy, use serum through the ends and some wet look gel at the roots to create gloss.
  • Wet hair is fragile - comb with a wide tooth comb first, starting from tips working your way up to the roots to prevent any tangles. Then swap for a fine-tooth comb, adding a little amount of leave-in conditioner.
Looks To Create...

glam pony
  1. Apply a polish into the palms of your hands and slick down the front of your hair, pulling it back so it stays extra-sleek.
  2. Next, tie your hair into a high ponytail, aiming for just above your ears - it's the most flattering position as it makes your jawline look defined.
  3. Wrap your ponytail around your styling wand, then take a small section of the pony, wrap it around the elastic and pin it in place, so that the elastic is well hidden.

sleek & Neat

  1. Comb the hair through while hair is wet for super sleek roots, then make into a low side ponytail.
  2. Split your ponytail in half and plait each side.
  3. Wrap one of the plaits into a bun and then wind the other around it for a woven effect, pin it in place.

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