Thursday, 28 June 2012



Hairspray and brushes at the ready, the beehive is back...
Bigger and better than ever!!!

How To Get The Look:
1. Backcomb hair from the front of your hair line all the way back to your crown, then use a bristle brush to smooth over the top.

2. Pile it all up and pin it in place with kirby grips.

3. Finish with plenty of hairspray, to keep hold.

* You could also try leaving the hair down (don't pin it back) and add a ribbon for a really cute look. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Necklace pile-up

Necklace pile-up

Layering your necklaces to create a new and effective look and style.
1. Choose A Theme: Whether its tribal glam or classic stones and jewels. Start by picturing what your going for, so you can select items accordingly. Find your inspiration in celebs, highstreet trends and the catwalks - whatever takes your fancy!

2. Pick Your Necklace: Play around with different combinations until you acheive the right look. Bear in mind lenght and shape, so you create a tierd effect with necklaces that sits at different heights on your neckline. A little over lapping is ok though.

3. Pile Them Up: Whether you layer the necklaces over your favourite frocks and tops or let them stand out on a bare decolletage, just make sure the ones nearest to your face are the most eye catching. Avoid ant heavy ear rings that might detract from the finished effect.

Want To Perk Up Your Necklace Stash??

Head to Sale Rails
Bargain buys that seem boring solo that can look showstopping once they piled up.

D.I.Y Necklace
A really simple way to become creative. Find an old necklace that you are bored of and all you do is paint over using nail varnish. So easy!!!
Neon and Pastels are my faves for necklace transformations.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Quirky Cool

Quirky Cool

Electric, crazy and colourful.
The catwalks went kitsch and the highstreets followed. Anything goes as long as its not matching.

Tips to shop this trend:

1. Remember Bold and Bright.

2. Look for styles with a cartoon design.

3. Polka dots, Hearts, Stars and lightening bolts are perfect.

4. Try teaming quirky jewellery with bold prints.

Have Fun With It!!!

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach by chloejay1988 featuring circle sunglasses

Its time to get patriotic and rumage through your wardrobe to find your best red, white and blues. Quirky prints with a vintage feel is the look to go for.
Perefct for kicking back on the beach on your deckchair with ice-cream in hand. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Fresh Faced

Fresh Faced

Fresh Faced by chloejay1988 featuring a tinted moisturizer

Summer 2012 is definetly all about the skin your in. Whether its tanned and toned or bright and natural. Its never been more important to
 look after your skin.
 Always make sure your foundation is well matched to the tone of your complexion. Opt for tinted moisturisers or liquid foundations rather than apowdery based formula for a sheer finish with added glow. Make sure your lips are in tip top condition. Highlight cheeks and brows with highlighting products to give the face added glow.
 Remeber their is a difference between shine and glow. Invest in some brightening concealer to even out skin tone under the eyes and brighten around the nose and cupids bow, lightening the eyelids will add to this look.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream...

Yesterday I bought the new Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. I have been blown away by it, I mean it really does work! It gives you a instant fresh faced glow without looking all made up. Its lightweight and smoothes on effortlessly, no marks and no caking. I hate that feeling of full make-up on my face on a hot day, and today it sat on my skin perefctly, I really didnt feel like I had anything on. Another great thing is that its a water based gel formula meaning its oil-free with 8 in 1 benefits all in one step...

1. Creates a natural glow
2. Compliments skin tone
3. SPF30 UV protection
4. Hydrates all day
5. Blurs imperfections
6. Oil-free, non greasy
7. Looks visibly smooth
8. Feels fresh.

I agree that all 8 really do work. You dont even use alot, just smooth a thin layer over the skin and it can be used with or without your moisturiser. Its not a foundation, but more than just a moisturiser.
Click on the link below for product info.

At the moment, maybelline are given away free samples of Dream Fresh BB Cream. The link below takes you straight to the website, if you are intrested.


Put a bit too much on.


I know the light aint perfect in these pics, but i thought this would give you more of idea. The after picture still looks a bit wet.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Nail File: Floral Nails

the nail file
I am no nail technician, but i do like to try and be creative with my nails. You will have to excuse my dodgey photography, I only had one hand to take the photo :) 

This is a step by step to create the floral print on your nails.

You will need:

* 4 nail colours -
Background Colour of your choice
Flower Colour of your choice
Green / I used black instead.

* Toothpicks

Step 1

With your chosen background colour, here i used Barry M Nail Paint in Turquoise. Paint your nail in 2 coats.

Step 2

Once dried, with the colour you have decided for the flowers, im using Barry M nail paint in pink flamingo, i wanted to create a vibrant effect. Paint small dots by dabbing the brush lightly, so you get a polka dot effect.

Step 3

Now dip the toothpick into the white, I used White On White by Revlon. I find it easier taking the polish from the brush onto the toothpick. Do little swirls on the inside of your dots. I did this while the pink was still wet. Now they should resemble more like a flower.

Step 4

Finally using the black, if you got green, perfect. I used Black Pearl by Rimmel. Dip the tip of the toothpick into it and this time on the outside of the flower do a small blob either side to make it look like the leaves.

You can do this design for all your nails, but i prefer to have this on one nail, if i had a white nail pen i would have added some polkadots inbetween the flowers.

Have Fun With It!!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Pretty Sporty

pretty sporty

pretty sporty by chloejay1988 featuring a maxi skirt

This is a good way to make Chiffon day freindly...
Give a pretty skirt a fab new spin with sporty styling. A grey marl jumper might not be your first choice when rocking something floaty, but i think this is a killer combo. Leave your jumper loose for that casual effect.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Trend: Monochrome

mono mag!

Flashes of Black & White are Forever in Fashion.

Monochrome goes with anything and everything and looks expensive. Its no wonder Chanel have been doing it for all these years.
Look out for accessories that incorporate flashes of both black and white - stripes, checks or blocks.
Monochrome can be wore head-to-toe, but adding a flash of red lipstick or a flash of vibrant colour to your outfit whether it be a belt, bag or a stripe to break up the look is really effective and also looks fab!!
Its a trend you can't really go wrong with or live without.

monochrome beach
Monochrome beach wear

monochrome chic
This top here is really good for a slimming effect with the panels on the body create a slimline silhouette and the peplum thrill will create curves for boyish bodyshapes.

black and white stripe
I think monochrome looks great with a bit of sporty styling.

In this outfit I have used a flash of neon on the bag to break the outfit up, the best thing with  monochrome is that you can absolutely any colour.
yellow stripe
In this outfit i have used a yellow stripe on the shirt. I personally like yellow, Shocking pink and neons with the monochrome trend.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Trend: Tribal


Prints are a massive trend this season, tribal is one of my faves. Think bold, African inspired prints. A great look for a hot summers day, tropical beach holiday or a cool festival look. Tribal can be vibrant to earthy tones.
If you are unsure of this trend, use ethnic and animal prints against earthy tones. A good way to start way to start off introducing tribal to your wardrobe is to choose your main colour whether it be black, kahki or burnt orange and add a subtle prints, chunky accessories and a pair of flat sandals.
Here i have put some examples of outfits of this trend, hope you find them helpful...

tribal rainbow
This is a great way of using tribal into a festival outfit.

tribal vibe

This a good example of taking a basic pair of trousers and building up on it.

This is a more subtle daytime look.


This is the example of an outfit if you are uncertain of the trend, using a simple basic dress and teaming it with the right accessories has a very effective look.

Now You're Ready!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Trend: Colour blocking

Colour blocking

Colour blocking by chloejay1988 featuring t shirts

Colour blocking is probably my favourite trend of all. The easiest way to wear this trend is to stick to your chosen 3 main colours and accessorise with the colour that is least on your garment of clothing, to avoid looking like a walking rainbow. If your not sure how its best to wear this trend, maybe try wearing a plain white shirt or a t-shirt with a black skirt or trousers and use accessories to add a colour and this is a good way to play around and learn on what works best as it can be scary clashing colours and then you can become more adventurous.

I have put a few outfits together to give you some ideas on styling. 

3 colours


              Colour Block

         spring awakening

            summer monochrome

I Hope you Find This Helpful