Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Necklace pile-up

Necklace pile-up

Layering your necklaces to create a new and effective look and style.
1. Choose A Theme: Whether its tribal glam or classic stones and jewels. Start by picturing what your going for, so you can select items accordingly. Find your inspiration in celebs, highstreet trends and the catwalks - whatever takes your fancy!

2. Pick Your Necklace: Play around with different combinations until you acheive the right look. Bear in mind lenght and shape, so you create a tierd effect with necklaces that sits at different heights on your neckline. A little over lapping is ok though.

3. Pile Them Up: Whether you layer the necklaces over your favourite frocks and tops or let them stand out on a bare decolletage, just make sure the ones nearest to your face are the most eye catching. Avoid ant heavy ear rings that might detract from the finished effect.

Want To Perk Up Your Necklace Stash??

Head to Sale Rails
Bargain buys that seem boring solo that can look showstopping once they piled up.

D.I.Y Necklace
A really simple way to become creative. Find an old necklace that you are bored of and all you do is paint over using nail varnish. So easy!!!
Neon and Pastels are my faves for necklace transformations.

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