Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Nail File: Camo Nails

the nail file

I have attempted a camouflage effect on my nails.
Camouflage print is set to become a big trend, so I thought I would make a start to perfect it now. I think they turned out ok.

Colours I used:
. The base is models own in Utopia
. The khaki is models own in Grace Green
. The black is nails inc. in Black Taxi

1. Paint your base shade, I only did one coat.
2. Once the base is dry, randomly splodge the black and khaki spaced out across the nail.
3. When they have dried, repeat step 2 overlapping the colours.

Here are a few more close ups of them.

Hope You Like

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  1. this is so cool! fab job on the nails hun!! :) xxx