Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fresh Faced

Fresh Faced

Fresh Faced by chloejay1988 featuring a tinted moisturizer

Summer 2012 is definetly all about the skin your in. Whether its tanned and toned or bright and natural. Its never been more important to
 look after your skin.
 Always make sure your foundation is well matched to the tone of your complexion. Opt for tinted moisturisers or liquid foundations rather than apowdery based formula for a sheer finish with added glow. Make sure your lips are in tip top condition. Highlight cheeks and brows with highlighting products to give the face added glow.
 Remeber their is a difference between shine and glow. Invest in some brightening concealer to even out skin tone under the eyes and brighten around the nose and cupids bow, lightening the eyelids will add to this look.

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