Friday, 24 August 2012

Hair Trend: French Twist

French Twist
Seductive Hair...
The tousled curls are pulled back together in an effortless french twist. The Sophia Loren inspired look translates Glamourous. This look is a winner, especially when paired with the feminine silhouettes, a flick of eyeliner and a lustful pout.

To get this look:
  1. You need to get volume into your hair, massage a thickening lotion through your damp hair. The key is to maintain a natural movement, so avoid using a brush while your hair is wet. Allow your hair to dry naturally.
  2. If your hair still lacks the beach like texture, apply a texturizing cream to the roots, especially to the crown area by massaging it in.
  3. The hair should be completely dry by the next stage, dry hair is essential for creating this look, so dont proceed until it is dry.
  4. Back brush (not backcomb - very important to know the difference) the hair to add more texture and rough volume the roots of the hair. Start from the nape and work it upwards.
  5. Once your hair has the volume and texture, using your fingers only, comb the hair back, away from the face and pull the hair back into a french twist. Secure the twist with bobby pins (hair grips).
  6. Dont pull it back too tightly; make sure to keep the hair loose around the face. You need to maintain the naturalness of the look.
  7. Finish with some hairspray, if needed.


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