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This colourful hairstyle has become increasingly popular over the last few months.
Celebrities like Jessie J and Katy Perry have been sporting the dip dyed hair this year and its a look you can easily acheive at home. If you want dip dyed hair, it couldn't be easier... Here is some info i have put together that you may find helpful if you are thinking of trying this big hair trend.

If like me you are a big fan of this style but dont feel that your hair can tolerate the bleach, there are easy ways to fake it.

Clip in hair extensions are a great way of getting this look, if you find it difficult getting the coloured extensions you want, buy blonde extensions and dye them the shade you desire.

Spray in colour, these colours wash out with shampoo. The best way of applying these is to make sure your upper body is completely covered by using a OLD towel or a black bag and away from any walls. Brush your hair to get rid of any tangles. Start by sectioning your hair in half as though you are putting your hair in pig tails and bring around to the front of you, so you can see what your doing. Make sure your hair is smooth and laying flat against your shoulder and spray your chosen colour to the ends of your hair.

To Acheive The Real Thing...
To create this look from scratch your hair needs to be pre-lightened/bleached at the tips of your hair. If you don't have access to a salon shop, you can buy a box of Jerome Russell bleach from a Boots Pharmacy, it comes with 4 sachets. Remeber to always read the manufacturers instructions.

If your hair is already a light blonde you will not need to go through this bleaching process, you can skip straight to applying the colour.

I like to use Renbow Crazy Colour, Pinkissimo is my favourite. I add a white conditioner to the colour to make it paler shade for a change. There is a wide variety of colours to choose from. This colour lasts approximately 6-8 washes, it varies on your hair type tho.

Renbow Crazy Colour Semi Permanent Hair Dye 100ml - No 42 PINKISSIMO

You will need
* Plastic Gloves
* Bowl
* Tint Brush
* Sectioning clips
* Foil or Cling film
* Bleach
* Your Chosen Colour
* Comb

Brush out any knots from the hair, wrap a old towel or black bag around your shoulders, get your foil or cling film ready. I rather use foil on the hair, i find its easier to fold and wrap the hair. This will keep the bleached hair away from the rest of your hair and keeps warmth in which helps oxidize the bleach.
Cut the foil in strips. Section your hair in half and bring the hair around to the front so its easier for you to get to. Mix the bleach into your bowl, following the manufacturers instructions.

Now with one of your sections of your hair, take a smaller section from the halved section and apply the bleach using a tint brush, comb it through and wrap it. Repeat this for the rest of the hair, its best to start with the hair thats underneath first. Leave the bleach for the time stated, don't leave it any longer. When the time is up the hair should look a yellowy/gold-orange colour. Wash out the bleach and shampoo. Do not condition yet.

Now to apply the dye : While the hair is still wet, drain excess water. With gloves on, just apply the colour to the bleached tips with your hands and then comb it through to make sure its evenly coated.

Leave the dye on the hair for the time stated.
And finally rinse with warm water, rinse until the water is almost clear.

* Apply vaseline to the skin before you start, this will help prevent your skin from staining.
* Don't use your best towels.
* Wear latex gloves.
* Don't sleep on a white pillow.

Good Luck!!

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