Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Nail File: Pampered Hands

the nail file

 The key to beautiful nails lies in constant care. Under the nails should be spotless and your halfmoons well cared for; Cuticles should be pushed back and the tinyest imperfection taken care of immediately. Daily use of the right nourishing cream according to your skin type will really help.

pampered hands

pampered hands by chloejay1988 featuring essie nailpolish

My Top Tips...

1. The perfect lenght, not too long nor too short, use the shape of your finger as a guide. A rounded square is always a must.

2. Your nails should be buffed as well as small seashells, regardless of whether you are going to wear polish or not, the slightest bump will stand out.

3. A good base and primer will protect and strenghten your nail.

4. With todays products offering ultra shiny array of colours at record breaking drying speed, gorgeous nails have never been easier.

Your Nail Kit Should Contain:-
. Orangewood Cuticles Stick
. Manicure Scissors
. Nourishing Cream
. Base & Primer
. Nail File
. Buffer
. Nail Polish Remover
. Top Coat

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