Monday, 9 July 2012

How To : Top Knot


top knot

Sleek and sexy hair was so last season - this seasons bun is messy and effortlessly undone.

This style is more effective on longer lenghts of hair.
Such an easy look to create at home in front of the mirror, all you need is bun ring - its a donut shape and it feels like a sponge, an elastic hairband and some hair grips, try to find hair grips that are close to your hair colour (black, brown or gold).

Get The Look:
1. Tip your head upside down, gather together all your hair into a high ponytail and secure in place with your elastic band.

2. Slide your donut ring onto your ponytail, pull the hair through the hole in the middle, if your hair is extremely long, try and track down a larger bun ring - they do come in different sizes and its best to find one that fits.

3. Wrap your hair around the ring and pin loose ends under the donut with your hair grips. Spray some hairspray onto the palm of your hands and rough up your hairline, to create that messy look.

I think this is a fab look to create, great for the office or lounging on the beach. You could try out accessories to dress it up, elastic headbands look really good or you put a flower at the base of your bun for a more summery look

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