Monday, 9 July 2012

Wet Look Chignon

Wet look Chignon

The wet look is a big hair trend for this season.
It's really simple for days you don't really want to
spend too much time on your hair.
How To Get The Look:
1.) Apply a volumising mousse all the way through towel dried hair, and allow it to dry naturally.
2.) Alternatively, flip your head over and give the a blast with the hairdryer on high and dry from underneath. This will acheive the volume that's desired.
3.) Now to acheive the wet look. Apply oil to the hair (Argan or Olive), using your fingers distributing through from root to tips. This will create the shine. Only do this once your hair has completely dried.
4.) Using your fingers to bring back your hair into a ponytail, tie with a elastic loosely at ear level. Note there isn't a parting.
5.) Now wrap your ponytail into a messy bun/chignon and secure with hair grips, pull a few strands out here and there if you want to create a effortless look of style.
6.) If you want more shine add a little more oil to the hair.

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