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Mineral Make-up


Mineral Make-up
Benefits Of Mineral Make-up...
Mineral make-up is made of ground up rocks and formed to a powder and because its free from chemicals and additives, its generally considered to be kinder upon the skin. The make-up contains a anti-flammatory and soothing on the skin.
This natural looking coverage can mask scars as well as acne. Acnes sufferers have reported improvements in their condition by using mineral make-up, because the loose minerals have a neutral ph, so it does not support bacteria.
Not only the key ingredients (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) soothe the skin, it provides a natural sun protector, is water-resistant and refects light which act like tiny mirrors to create a radiance.
Another essential part is that its a comedogenic, that means it doesn't clog the pores and allow the skin to breathe. As its free from perfume and preservatives which are the main causes of skin irritations its great for users with sensitive skin. If you are prone to dryness then mineral powder may not be best suited to you, powders can make the skin look drier and that can be ageing.
How To Apply...
Applying mineral based make-up is different from applying a non-mineral powder, The super fine texture means that it is trickier to spread across the skin. Its a good idea to invest in some make-up brushes that are designed especially for mineral makeup.
Always start this by turning the jar upside down and give a shake about 5 times so the powder loosens and it also falls out onto the lid. You want to apply the powder from the lid as this way is easier for you to build coverage. Start with small sprinkles and build up as neccessary. Mineral foundation has great staying power, especially the foundation. Use your usual moisturiser first but make your it has been completely absorbed before applying the mineral powder to your skin.
  1. Taking your blending brush, swirl it around the lid into the powder and tap off any excess. Then your ready to apply the foundation onto your skin.
  2. Start at one side of your face, in a circular motion start buffing onto the skin. This will start warming up the minerals and your start to see the effects immediately. You can be quiet firm when your buffering this will give you a really even flawless finish.
  3. If you need more coverage apply another layer the same way.

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