Monday, 9 July 2012

Bardot Hair

Bardot Hair

Bardot Hair by chloejay1988 featuring a hair comb

Its timelessness must be down to its sexiness, like the classic bob, the big bardot hair has never really gone out of style.
This updo is more suited for mid-lenght to long lenght hair. The longer the hair the more glamourous this hairstyle will become.

To Get The Look:

Start by cleansing and conditioning the hair, making sure you rinse the product really well. Towel dry the hair, apply some volumising product to give the roots a boost and add a little mousse to give some hold and texture.

Blow dry the hair using a round brush, try and get the brush right into the roots and pull away from the head this will help give added lift. Alternatively you can flip your head over and give the hair a blast with the dryer.

Once the hair has completely dried, seperate your hair into sections and curl the hair away from the face, using curling tongs, heated rollers or GHDs. Once you have curled the hair and wait until it has cooled down before brushing the curls to break them up to give them a softer, more natural look.

Make a section in the hair starting at the temples and meeting below the crown area, like a horse shoe shape. Looking at the back using a mirror will help if you are doing this hairstyle on yourself.

Next divide the section into smaller sections, this will be backcombed. Start at the back so its easier for you to build up the height. Hold the hair with a medium tension and using the comb, work it into the root area only. Backcombing shouldn't knot when done correctly.
Tip: Put the comb in at the root area and work in a curved motions down to the root area and repeat this.

Follow the same backcombing technique until you have reached the top of the fringe area. Don't worry if it looks really messy at this stage.

Softly brush the very top layer of the hair back, smoothing it all over the back-combed section so its covered.

Shape your bouffant shape into the desired height and roundness, then pull the hair back and pin into the centre using hair grips (bobbypins) to hold it in place.

Polish the style by adding a smaller section on each side of the head up into the middle. Try twisting the hair slightly from the sides into the centre to create a balance and a smoother finish.

To finish, lightly spray the hair using a firm hold hairspray.

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