Saturday, 19 January 2013

faking a bob

faking a bob

With the new year come new make-overs...
If you are bored of your long locks, but are not ready for the chop?
Here is a easy cheat to create a new style without even going near a pair of scissors....

This style will look best on layered hair so that you can leave the hair to fall naturally around the face.

How To Do It...
1. After blow drying your hair with volumising mousse or 
lotion, split your hair into two sections:
 the underneath and the top section.

2. Clip the top section away and then messily plait or braid the underneath section of the hair, pinning it flat against your head. This creates a base in which you can loosely pin the rest of your hair.

3. Take one inch sections of the top section and curl the hair with medium sized irons, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Spray each section with medium hold hairspray.

4. Once all the hair has been tonged, take down section by section and loosely pin the ends under and into your plaited foundation, teasing out the hair.

5. Finish with a firm but flexible hairspray for hold.

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